By: Rosalie Bryson and Shannon Murphy
Who Am I?I climb out of my bed with my soft sheets and homemade cloth quilt. My husband has already woken up and started to work. As I draw back the linen curtains, the sun peeks into the room and I gaze out at my beautiful flower garden, wishing there was a servant all to myself. Of course, I'm not very wealthy, my husband is merely a craftsman. I look at myself in my polished metal mirror and apply some red ocher to my face. I am an Egyptian woman, wife to a craftsman.

Did Egyptian Women have makeup?

Egyptian women have makeup, and we're very picky about looking our best. Some makeup is for looks, but there's another side to this makeup. It protects our skin from the harsh sun, too! The makeup is mostly made of plant extracts and animal fat. Red ocher is used on cheeks, like blush, and lips, like lipstick. Some women, like I do, shave their heads because of lice, and wear wigs. Women who don't shave their heads have been told that boiled black cat blood would would enhance their hair color. Different hairstyles tell other Egyptians about our place in society, and there are different hairstyles for us married women, and the unmarried women. Pale skin is a fashionable thing for us since we're meant to stay inside and work around the house while our husbands will be outside working.

An ancient egyptian woman applying makeup

What did Ancient Egyptian Women Wear?

We women always wear dresses. The wealthy wear linen shawls, or saris, while the poor will wear hoarse homemade sheath dresses. Simply, the sheath dress is the most commonly worn dress for lower and middle class women. Most dresses are white. When we go to parties or get-togethers, it is a tradition that we wear scented cones on our heads. We do that because as the party goes on, it will give off a nice scent. Some of our dresses are full length with one or two shoulder straps, I prefer two. Us women usually make our own clothes.

Then and Now
Ancient Egyptian women used to wear shawls and saris, dresses all the time. Now women have more freedom with what they wear. Women can wear pants now, if they choose to. Women can work if they want, and it's not just the husband working. Women have freedom to work in any job. Sometimes the husband would treat his wife like a servant, but now they are not allowed to. Now women don't have to do all the housework and take care of the children.


Fun Facts About Egyptian Women
-women usually stayed home to clean and take care of the children.
-married women could get a divorce without any meaning
-sometimes, women set up cloth trading businesses for money.-women must marry in the same social class, for example, an artisan couldn't marry a farmer.

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